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Q1 Product Enhancements in Tendril Connect

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

As the usage of our platform increases each month, our customers provide us with invaluable feedback on what is important to them and what they expect from an agent assisted dialing platform. Many of our best ideas come from within our customer community, and when we are able to deploy features that meet these requirements it is deeply satisfying for our organization and we hope for all of you as well.

Our CRM and Engagement platform integrations have taken the front seat for much of the last few months. Through competitive benchmarking, setting our sights on what the competition has yet to develop, we feel strongly that these integrations will be well worth the wait. We expect our Outreach integration to be deployed to production by the end of this month and our Hubspot integration is underway.

Below are a few additional changes that we have made to the platform and to our processes. One that we are most excited about is our enhanced call handling, which enables our customers to choose how they would prefer agents to handle their calls. This level of customization for call sessions is unique to Tendril and is only possible through our incredibly tight connectivity with our agents in Mexico.

Longer Voicemails

Many users were frustrated with the truncated voicemail recording length. With this release we have increased the voicemail recording from 30 seconds to 45 seconds to give your team more time to not only state the facts, but also add your own personal style to each recording.

Voicemail Recording
Longer Voicemail

New User Interface

Our three steps configuration and set up process has been updated; which includes a new user interface for the contact list, voicemail recording and intent. We also limited the navigation during call sessions, as we found many of our users had challenges when navigating away from the configuration wizard. You will find that the new interface is more intuitive and easier on the eyes.

Enhanced Call Handling

Through customer feedback, as well as our agents on the front lines talking with contacts every day, we identified a need to offer additional options when configuring a call session. Many of our customers enjoy using the platform to call mobile numbers or direct dials, which made transfers a bit clunky when expecting a receptionist.

For this reason we created 3 different call handling options that can be configured before a session based on the type of list you are using. You can set the type of transfer you prefer when scheduling a session in the calendar form. Transfer types include:

  • FLV First Live Voice: When the prospect picks up and it is not a voicemail, our agents transfer right away. This method is great for direct dials or mobile numbers

  • GATGender Assumption: The traditional method that most of our users are used to where we navigate phone trees, speak to receptionists, and transfer as soon as the intended prospect picks up the line.

  • VTVerified Transfer: Our agents speak to the intended contact before transferring, which results in fewer disconnected calls. This method is great if you have a mix of direct and general numbers.


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