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Tendril Connect

Skip the wait, get right to talking.

Agent assisted dialing to streamline quality conversations.

The problem

Do you dread dialing and having to wade through gatekeepers, IVR’s or phone trees? 

Tendril Connect gets your team talking with decision makers faster. 

Building a global community

We do Agent-Assisted Dialing differently with agents who are paid highly competitive wages, and live in or around your time-zone. We operate out of Mexico, the US and Canada, and seek to make a positive community impact.

Keep your data pristine

As our agents power through your contact list, we are also working to make sure you have the best data possible and flagging any in question. Connect also works side by side with Enrich, our data enhancement service.

Designed for comfort

Built by salespeople to create a smoother outreach experience, Connect is a user-friendly cloud-based software platform that integrates seamlessly with your current CRM's and Sales Engagement Platforms.

Amplify your sales process

Talk to more decision makers in a few hours than you could in a week with Tendril Connect, our cloud-based agent-assisted dialing system.

Tendril Connect

Skip the wait, get right to talking


Flawless call transferring

Once our agents connect with one of your contacts, the live conversation is instantly transferred over, and your prospects will never know any different.

Built for speed

Our expertly trained agents, navigate IVR's, gatekeepers, and voicemail boxes to get your sales people selling.

Positive community impact

Our well-trained agents work near the same time zone as you, and are part of your team.

Instant results

Revolutionize your sales process, exponentially growing your conversion rate and how your team sells. 

Explore the Tendril Ecosystem

Discover how our integrated solutions can elevate your team to new heights. 


of Work

80 -100

Calls x Day


Dial to Connect Ratio

The average Sales Rep makes 80 to 100 calls a day, with a dial to connect ratio of 5%.

That means only 1 demo every day! (If you're lucky)

Let’s talk about numbers





8 - 12


With Tendril Connect you get 8 to 12 conversations with a decision maker per hour!

Request a demo of Tendril Connect today! 

Let us show you how you can increase conversations.

Email efficacy is on the decline

Many companies switched to email only lead generation or LinkedIn campaigns creating massive noise.  The pandemic amplified the impact and made it even harder to generate leads through emails. 

Cold calling is still king

Cold calling is still the most effective lead generation strategy. Unfortunately, many sales organizations lack the skills to really capitalize on their calls, leaving volume as their only answer.

Live Stats


Agent Assisted Sessions






Voice Mails

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