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We do the mining, you get the gold.

Data hygiene and verification to ensure successful outcomes.

The problem

Does it feel daunting to comb through your prospect lists?

Tendril Enrich cleans your data, giving you the confidence that your dials will connect at a higher rate

Strike gold, everywhere you dig

Make sure your sales people have the best data possible with our human-verified data enrichment and mining service.

Keep your data spotless

Our team combs, through your list of prospects. They verify, sort and clean up your data, giving you the confidence that your dials will connect at a higher rate.

Data mining

Simply provide a list of companies and job titles, we will create a process, train the team and execute. We find all the relevant information for the people you're looking to contact.

Human verified data

Every piece of data we mine is discovered and verified by our team of trained data mining specialists instead of conjured by an A.I. We believe the human brain has the power to notice things and make connections computers might not.

Enhance your Connect Experience

We created Enrich because we know that Connect excels when our team gets you through to your clients faster which means your team connects more.

We do the mining, you get the gold

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Enriched Contacts

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