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Hear what our customers have to say and how they're accelerating their engagement with Tendril.

Jeff Newcorn

President at R. Jeffrey Tax Credits

Tendril helped our company take a list of 14,000 restaurants and synthesize it down to 2,000 franchise owners with real phone numbers…. We were able to have 24 conversations in two 1-hour sessions. The nimbleness of Tendril’s data team is top notch.

Carl Allen

CEO 4mativ Technologies

Tendril helped our schools reach more families in a fraction of the time, so we had better and more complete data to ensure a smooth start to the school year.

Jen Burdess

VP of Client Success at LeadJen

The Tendril team’s ability to help ensure our team is talking to the right people within an organization allows us to set better meetings faster for our clients.

Chris Foreman

CEO at

Tendril has helped us to increase our team's hourly productivity by 4X which allows us to scale more more quickly without the dependency of hiring so many new resources in a volatile labor environment.

Tim Barnes

Account Executive at Mr Elmer

Tendril has been a great partner. They do all the heavy lifting to make my work easier, and my days more effective and efficient. The team’s proactive nature ensures that nothing falls between the cracks without making me feel overwhelmed.

Dakota Ferguson

General Manager at Arnet Technologies

Tendril helped us double our weekly outbound call volume at a fraction of the price we were paying. Their entire team is dedicated to our success and helping us grow our business. I would highly recommend Tendril to any company looking to enhance their sales organization.

Kregg Barney

President at City Wide Facility Solutions

Tendril was easy to work with. They were able to partner with us to create a tailor fit solution for our business needs. After Scheduled sessions the Tendril team took a step back, evaluated the session, and provided advice on how to make future sessions more effective… Tendril understands sales & business development, and how to best leverage them as a resource to enhance our process.

Taylor Genter

Marketing Manager at Extract Systems

Tendril has accelerated our name gathering process for outreach databases and cold calling. Tendril’s capabilities and seamless reports have significantly streamlined our name gathering efforts. We were searching for names and contact information manually prior to working with Tendril, so this updated process makes it much more efficient and we are able to add more prospects to our outreach campaigns because of it.

Tom Silva

Chief Creative Officer at Silva Brands

Tendril helped us hire a Lead Designer for our branding agency. They did more than any staffing firm; and established the benefits package, negotiated the salary, and landed us a super candidate. Plus, they handle all HR issues including payroll so it is a complete solution. I am planning on building our team through Tendril going forward.

Jamie Giblett

Sales Manager at Digistorm

Tendril allows our outbound team to focus on the quality of their prospecting and opportunity identification whilst connecting with more key decision-makers than ever before. The Hubspot integration efficiently enables us to complete pre and post call activities in a timely manner. I highly recommend engaging with the friendly team at Tendril to help grow and improve the quality of your sales pipeline.

Braden Barwich

Director of Sales

The SiteMax sales team has been using Tendril to increase our conversation volume. Before we used the platform, our sales reps would aim for 2-5 conversations for a full day of calling. Now we average 10-15 pick-ups per 1-hour session, not to mention the reduction in "call fatigue" from needing to dial each contact. Tendril has empowered our sales team to become 5x more efficient in the first 2 months of usage.  

Alvaro Peralta


If you're looking for a system and methodology to finally: focus your sales team's activities eliminate the 10,000lb phone, reduce labour costs, increase productivity from your star performers, and ultimately shift the culture of rejection and call reluctance to one of success and eagerness to get on the phone look no further! Tendril delivers. Never has it been this easy, productive and fun to do sales calls!

Ged Carrington

SDR Manager

Tendril has been very easy to work with. They helped us enrich our CRM data and remove stale information from our system, while also assisting us in making better quality cold calls through their Tendril Connect program. We have experienced a significant amount of success since partnering with Tendril.

Kim Willig

Director of Sales

As a small company looking to expand into a new territory, we did not have the manpower to connect with enough prospective clients during their key buying cycles as we needed. Tendril was able to offer data mining with high quality contact information for our target accounts and buyer persona. With the addition of a Tendril SDR and Tendril Connect hours, we have increased our call numbers by 800% leading to more conversations and increased brand recognition which will continue to pay off for years to come. I know the management team at Tendril are always available for support and offer regular check-ins. We would not be where we are today without Tendril Connect!

Riley Cranston

Mergers and Aquisitions Director

Tendril has dramatically changed the energy and enthusiasm of our sales team. We are having 5X the number of meaningful conversations with business owners and the team is not dealing with the low energy and fatigue that comes from merely leaving voicemails. Thank you Team Tendril, couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

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