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Q2 Product Updates in Tendril Connect

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

2023 continues to be successful for Tendril, focusing on many product updates & enhancements for our flagship product, Tendril Connect. Our team continues to develop our solutions based on user feedback, and we wanted to highlight some of the key developments that were made in the first half of the year!

Product Integrations

Hubspot Integration

Our most recent system integration with Hubspot was driven by significant customer and prospect demand. Many of our current and potential customers use Hubspot for sales and lead generation so the decision for it to be our next platform integration was easy. With this integration, users are able to:

  • Link individual Hubspot accounts

  • Import Hubspot contact lists for Tendril Connect call sessions

  • Completed calls are pushed back to related contacts that include agent/user notes as well as call dispositions.

Outreach Integration

We are happy to continue enhancing and improving our Outreach integration and most importantly client experience. With the integration, users are able to:

  • Link and unlink individual Outreach accounts.

  • Import call steps from Outreach sequences into Tendril Connect.

  • Completed calls are dispositioned and pushed back to Outreach, completing the sequence step.


Product Releases & Enhancements

Custom Numbers

We now have the ability to set custom numbers to any organization or user if they require it to have local presence. Being able to tie a predetermined area code to a call allows the user to reach their prospect, minimizing the chance of spam calls on the prospect end as the call is coming through as local.

New Dashboard

Our product has recently launched new user-interface (UI) enhancements for the dashboard, user-management and organizations views. The changes include:

  • New style in all the tables

  • Type list column, for Outreach and Tendril

  • New view for the summary for each row in the Dashboard for session statistics

Session Steps Enhancements

The configuration of the session steps have been enhanced, focusing on the contact list, voicemail and Intent section. This includes:

  • A refreshed user-interface (UI) for the Intent section

  • Opportunity to edit and delete previous Intents entries

  • Responsive experience for all screen sizes

  • Validation confirmation, so you don’t edit something that is in use

We look forward to sharing more changes in the coming months. The enhancements that 2023 will bring to drive Tendril's products and growth!


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