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20 HOURS / month

160 HOURS / month

*3 month minimum pilot

Low Cost
Sales Acceleration Effectivenes

Tendril Connect Premium combines two of our most popular products and services into one low cost solution.

Skip the wait, get right to talking

Our cloud based agent assisted dialing platform allows you to talk to more decision makers in a few hours than you could in a week.

Once our agents connect with one of your contacts, the live conversation is instantly transferred over to you,

Integrates with:

Full-Time Dedicated Sales Resource

A LATAM Based Lead Generation Sales Resource

  • to make calls 📞,

  • send emails 📨 

  • and perform other sales related activities. 💸

We use your CRM and engagement platforms, following your established sales process. 

You will participate in the interview process to approve accent, attitudinal characteristics and cultural fit.

160 Hours / month

Dedicated to your sales efforts

A team ready to work,
with no work on your end

With Tendril Connect you get 8 to 12 conversations with a decision maker per hour!


Hours per Month





Increased Productivity

Leverage the combined power of technology and human expertise to accelerate your lead generation for maximum efficacy.

Enhanced Effectiveness

Add Tendril Coach and receive strategic guidance and industry best practices tailored to your unique business requirements ensuring every interaction drives meaningful results.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce risk and overhead costs associated with recruiting and training in-house resources. Focus on other priorities while maximizing ROI.

With Tendril Connect Premium, you'll enjoy:

Request your DEMO today! 

Skip the wait and start selling

Explore the Tendril Ecosystem

Discover how our integrated solutions can elevate your team to new heights. 

As a small company looking to expand into a new territory, we did not have the manpower to connect with enough prospective clients during their key buying cycles as we needed.


Tendril was able to offer data mining with high quality contact information for our target accounts and buyer persona. With the addition of a Tendril SDR and Tendril Connect hours, we have increased our call numbers by 800% leading to more conversations and increased brand recognition which will continue to pay off for years to come.


I know the management team at Tendril are always available for support and offer regular check-ins. We would not be where we are today without Tendril Connect!

Kim Willig

Director of Sales

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