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  • What are the days and times to schedule a Tendril Connect Session?
    To schedule a session and select a time that better fits your calendar, visit our Scheduling tool.
  • How can I schedule a session?
    To schedule a session and select a time that better fits your calendar, visit our Scheduling tool.
  • Do I need a headset to make a session?
    Ideally, a headset is recommended for a better experience of the call. Also, it is important to confirm the microphone on your Chrome Browser.
  • How long does a session last?
    We offer 60 minute sessions with Tendril.
  • How do I enter a session?
    First you need to visit our app by clicking the following link. Enter your credentials shared by the Tendril Team. If you forgot your password, you can reset through a “Forgot password” process.
  • What do I need to obtain my credentials?
    During our kick off calls, to set your team up for success, we consolidate information including credentials to our platform. Information requested: Company name, Full Name and email. Once we have this information, we send personalized emails including credentials.
  • What information should I include for my contact list used in a Connect Session?
    Our team will provide a CSV template in advance to make sure the information is captured correctly. The first session, or GO LIVE session, we guide you through the process. Make sure to send the list 24 hours prior to the session, in order to review and make sure everything is working correctly.
  • Which are the formats allowed to upload my list?
    CSV format.
  • How many people can receive calls?
    Only one USER can receive calls per session, if you need another USER it would be in a different session. We can do multiple sessions at the same time.
  • What happens if I get a transfer and I'm not available to answer it?
    The transfer will be registered as a successful transfer. You will have an option to include the specific disposition, meaning the reason why the call was cut off.
  • What happens if there are two transfers at the same time?
    Only one transfer can be processed at a time, the system detects which one came first and sends it to the user.
  • What if I want to change my leads, voicemail, and intent in the middle of a session?
    You would have to end the current session and start a new one with the info you need to change.
  • Is Tendril Connect a lead generation service?
    Tendril Connect is not a lead generation service, but we do offer multiple services including Tendril Enrich, data mining services in order to get updated and clean leads.
  • How far in advance can I cancel my session?
    Sessions can be canceled up to 24 hours in advance. Sessions canceled fewer than 24 hours before your start time will be charged as a consumed Tendril Connect hour.
  • Can I select how I want to work my transfers?
    Yes. At the moment of scheduling the session, there is an option to select the type of transfer: FLV - First Live Voice VBT - Verify Before Transfer GAT- Gender Assumption Transfer
  • How many transfers can I receive in one session?
    It varies depending on the leads provided, the quality of the leads, and the number of conversations during the hour. If considering 150 contacts and good quality of leads we are transferring between 8 - 12 conversations in one hour.
  • How many agents will be in my session?
    4 agents.
  • How do I inform the agents about the intent of the session?
    You can write a script, with the information needed. It’s recommended to write the user or caller name, phone number, email address, company and reason for the call.
  • What happens if my Internet connection fails or has any difficulty allowing me to continue my session?
    It's our client’s responsibility to have a stable internet connection for the system to work.
  • Is there a field we can use for notes visible to the team for specific leads?
    Yes. You will need a record ID for the leads and the notes included in each one.
  • How long can my voicemail be?
    45 seconds long.
  • How do I record the voicemail?
    Voicemail is step #2 of our Configure Session process and you need to follow the following simple steps: Name your Voicemail Click Record Record voicemail (45 seconds tops) Listen to voicemail Select voicemail recorded and click upload
  • Is it necessary to record a voicemail?
    Yes, it's part of our 3 simple steps to configure a session. If voicemail is not required you can record 1, and use it for multiple sessions. Make sure, you mention as part of your intent NOT to drop voicemail.
  • How does Tendril Enrich work?
    Tendril Enrich is designed to enhance your list of contacts working with our team to have a human control on your leads, using different tools and CMS to ensure that your request are fulfilled.
  • For what type of company is Tendril Enrich for?
    Tendril Enrich is suitable for every company or person that looks to enhance their list of contacts.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum of leads for Tendril Enrich?
    No, there isn’t a minimum or maximum of leads.
  • What is the delivery time?
    The delivery time will depend on the number of leads and needs requested on your data project, we work together to determine a delivery time based on your request.
  • Can my company choose the delivery time?
    Yes, based on the assignment requested and your needs.
  • Can my company give specific instructions?
    Yes, the Tendril Enrich data time will follow the exact instructions provided by you.
  • Is there communication between me and the Tendril Enrich team in charge of my data?
    Yes, the Tendril Enrich lead will follow up with you to answer requests or to ask questions in the case needed.
  • What happens if I want to improve my amount of leads or change indications?
    You can do it. You will need to reach the Tendril Enrich lead to communicate the new requests and to determine delivery time.
  • Can Tendril Enrich use my own CMS system?
    Yes, you will need to provide the team with credentials to use your CMS, and a training video.
  • How can I or my company deliver the instructions for our data request?
    There are options. You can send a video with the specific instructions or write an email. You can also join a meeting with the Tendril Enrich data lead to have a personalized contact, and to ask and answer questions.
  • Which tools and CMS do you use to perform Tendril Enrich?
    If it’s not requested to use any specific CMS or tool by the client, we perform our service using Google Spreadsheets.
  • Who performs Tendril Enrich?
    Tendril Enrich is a human team. Depending on the request and delivery date it can vary between 1 to 4, or more, data miners.
  • Which information can be collected in Tendril Enrich?
    Leads, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and any other information requested.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to our most commonly asked questions

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