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Q3 Product Updates in Tendril Connect

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Tendril has continued to focus on many product enhancements for our flagship product, Tendril Connect. Our team continues to develop our solutions based on user feedback, and below we have highlighted some of the key developments that were made in the past few months!


Product Releases & Enhancements

Caller ID

This is a new section found in the settings section, where the users can now register their personal phone numbers to make calls in a session. They can also see the current number for the calls in the preview and user dialer.

Browser Microphone Check

With this new feature, it is easier for our users to ensure that their microphone permissions are properly configured with their browsers. This provides a frictionless experience by detecting and guiding users to grant or adjust their microphone permissions before starting making calls.

This enhancement improves the user experience and allows for seamless audio interactions within the app. Note that users who have already configured their browser permissions will no longer see the setup modal.

Administrator Update

This enhancement gives organization administrators the ability to manage the statistics. Now admins can set users permissions, as well as allow them to see everyone’s statistics on the dashboard.

Enhanced User Experience for Stats

The stats section has a new look and feel for users, which enhances the overall user experience and engagement.

LIVE Counter of Remaining Contacts

With this enhancement, the team has added a live counter to track and see how many contacts are left in the queue for users and agents. This allows for more transparency in the remaining contacts they have.

Search Feature

There is now a search feature within the contact list, allowing users to easily search and sift through their contacts seamlessly.

Our customers continue to provide us with invaluable feedback on what is important to them and what they expect from an agent assisted dialing platform. We look forward to sharing more changes in the coming months, as these enhancements continue to drive Tendril's products and growth!


Q3/Q4 Tendril Connect Webinar

Join our team on Tuesday, September 26, at 11am PT/2pm ET, for an exclusive webinar highlighting the Q3 product enhancements and a first look at the upcoming product updates for the remainder of the year. Seats are limited, so save your spot today!

During this webinar you'll get:

  • Updates that have been made in Q3

  • A sneak peek into upcoming enhancements

  • Open Q&A with members of the Tendril team


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