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Exciting Tendril Connect Updates for Q4 2023

As we wrapped up 2023, our customers have been sharing invaluable feedback with us about their priorities and expectations from our agent-assisted dialing platform.


Here are some of the latest product updates and improvements our team rolled out in Q4 2023 to further support Tendril's product development and expansion.

Product Releases & Enhancements


List re-use

Users who have uploaded their call list using a csv file, can now re-use the very same list during their Tendril Connect session.

They will now get to choose if they want to call contacts who they have left a voicemail for, or perhaps, they want to have a second attempt at calling prospects who didn't answer during the first call attempt.

They will get to filter them out, as shown below:

Tendril Connect List-Reuse
List re-use

CRM Disposition Mapping

We are fully aware that every client uses their CRM differently, and therefore, call dispositions are set up based on their own sales process.

Tendril launched a mapping tool, which adapts our Tendril Dispositions to their own unique business requirements.

This is currently available for our Outreach and Hubspot integrations.

CRM Disposition Mapping
CRM Disposition Mapping

Enhanced Profile Page

Our profile page has been upgraded with new enhancements, and once testing is complete, we will combine these features into a single page. This will allow for a more personalized experience with our clients, ultimately boosting engagement.

Tendril Connect Enhanced Profile Page
Enhanced Profile Page

You asked, we listened

Fuego Leads

Tendril Fuego Leads Logo

Our clients were challenged with low dial-to-connect rates and asked us if

there was a way to run a Tendril Connect session calling only prospects likely to pick up.

Fuego Leads was born.

In our upcoming webinar, we will share how Tendril's Fuego Leads feature will significantly increase dial-to-connect ratios, ultimately leading to a higher percentage of real conversations that convert to meetings.

Join us on April 4!

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