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Q4 Product Roundup

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

2022 Has been a busy year for Tendril and we want to share some of the deployments and updates to come.

As we continue to develop our solutions, these are a few of the developments that came in 2022, and those to come in 2023.

Recent deployments

Waiting Screen

We have improved the way the system handles slow connections. We can now detect when a contact is pending, solving bugs that users with slow internet were experiencing.

This is only present if your ISP service gets degraded for some reason.

UI Responsive

We have begun revamping our UI to accommodate different screen sizes and animations, especially for the login and main dashboard.

Session Persistence

Users have a long lasting session where you can log in, close your browser and come back without using your password every time. This also means that refreshing your browser while working on the platform will not log you out.

Tendril admins can assign SDR

Internal scheduling tools were updated for better management.

Users can now schedule with shorter notice, which makes the client experience smoother.

Split Notes

We have improved the notes section in our agent assistant dialer to have up to 3 different notes fields:

  • Notes that are attached to the contact when uploading a CSV

  • Notes left by the agents during their interaction on the call

  • Notes personal to you

Script/Intent Previews

Preview a previously used script in order to use the same script for multiple sessions.

Security Updates

By upgrading and revising the front-end code we improved the platform to create an even more secure environment to protect our customers and their data.

Customer Management

We deployed customer management into the internal facing side of the Tendril platform enabling us to onboard new customers and users faster by way of our CS team instead of through our dev resources as we have done up until this point.

What’s Coming Soon:

  1. Outreach Integration – Users will be able to import call steps from Outreach sequences into Tendril Connect. Completed calls are dispositioned and pushed back to Outreach, completing the sequence step.

  2. Hubspot Integration – Users will be able to import call steps from any of your Hubspot sequences. During a live Tendril Connect session, call details and dispositions will be sent back to Hubspot and call step tasks completed.

  3. Billing and Account Management – Users will be able to renew and purchase additional hours through the platform

  4. In-platform Call Recordings – Users will have the ability to listen to recorded transferred calls for training

  5. Internal session scheduling – Similar to our internal Customer Management feature, booked TC sessions will now be coordinated through our Customer Service team.

  6. Contact List Slicing – To compliment the current ability to reuse a previously called prospect list, list slicing will allow you to create new call lists from filter criteria. For example, users will be able to create a new list that is composed only of contacts that did not receive a voicemail in a previous session.

This is just a sneak peek of what’s to come in 2023, after an active 2022. We look forward to sharing more changes in the coming months. The enhancements that 2023 will bring to drive Tendril’s products and growth!


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