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Introducing Tendril HubMX

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

We are excited to welcome our newest solution to the Tendril Suite – HubMX! A team ready to work, with no work on your end

With HubMX, instantly gain an organized and prepared team through our international contracted employment solution. Creating a loyal team in Mexico gives you the chance to capitalize on emerging markets and have a positive economic impact.

From recruiting to training and career-pathing, our experienced local team handles every step of the hiring process. Your company is provided with staff in Mexico ready to get started, working alongside your team.


We are experts at recruiting, we source top candidates with college degrees out of Mexico and other Latin American countries. From entry level sales to senior developers, we find candidates with great resumes who are fluent in English, who have worked with big name companies.


All of our candidates go through an intricate interview and evaluation process. For sales candidates, we screen each candidate on their phone skills and aptitude in mock sales calls. Our process is similarly thorough for technology candidates where we ask them to articulate complex structure scenarios with your business needs in mind and test their aptitude in different programming languages. We also account for reliability and punctuality, as well as evaluate accent and cultural fit in your office.


As the employers of your new team members, we handle their benefits and provide them with any equipment that they will need. In every other way they are part of your team. They work with your staff and work under your management to make sure your company thrives.


Beyond employment, we provide constant support and direction. We help establish short- and long-term career goals to build motivation for continual growth and drive retention. By mapping goals to form a career path we make sure all employee’s values align with company values and each team member feels significant and fulfilled.

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