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Simplify your outreach strategies in one single platform.

With Tendril’s product and services, teams can move faster and more effectively to drive sales, increase performance, and engage with the right people at the right time.

Tendril Connect

Agent assisted dialing to streamline quality conversations

Skip the wait,

get right to talking.

Your sales reps should be selling, not wading through gatekeepers, IVR's or phone trees. Tendril Connect gets your team talking with decision makers, faster.

Tendril Enrich

Data hygiene and verification to enhance your leads

Simply provide us with a list of companies and position levels, and our team will verify, sort, and clean up your data. Tendril Enrich gives you the confidence that your sales people are working with the best data possible.

We do the mining,

you get the gold.

Tendril HubMX

Staffing solution including recruiting, training, and career-pathing

A team ready to work,

with no work on your end.

Get your own dedicated international development team.

Tendril HubMX includes recruiting, training, and career-pathing to create a new international office for your company. 

Tendril HubMX Talent Recruiting Suite

Tendril Coach

Fractional sales and marketing leadership to optimize your teams’ performance

With the right guidance, everyone has the potential to become an excellent leader. Tendril Coach, gathers data from your team’s customer interactions and finds specific areas where they can improve. We offer a customized support strategy for the sales process.

Discover your team’s true potential.

Tendril Engage

Optimize the efficacy of your outreach with a highly personalized approach

Turn every touchpoint into a memorable experience for your prospects. Tendril Engage allows you to optimize the efficacy of your outreach with personalized approaches that cut through the noise and gets you to the prospect quicker.

Transform touch points into experiences.

Tendril Solutions

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