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Chicago, IL

2-10 Employees

Government Sales


Company Size


The opportunity

During the pandemic, in volatile labor environments, Marketplace had to shift gears and explore strategies through technology with fewer human resources.

Tendril Solutions Hired

How did Tendril products help solve the problem?

Connect has helped Marketplace increase the number of dials/calls a day, and most importantly conversations through our system. A perfect combination of technology making the cold calling process more efficient and increasing conversations with decision makers, in addition to reducing costs by exploring talent in Mexico which has been critical to increase productivity. Finally, through our Coach services, Marketplace has been able to use the pool of experts and Sales leaders that Tendril offers, in order to train and coach their existing team and new hires.

Company Profile

About the company helps governments source, validate and procure technology goods and services.  They help save time, resources and cost for the government while de-risking decisions.  As time and resources are saved, companies benefit with faster, more straightforward transactions and a scalable platform.

Tendril has helped us to increase our team’s hourly productivity by 4X which allows us to scale much more quickly without the dependency of hiring so many new resources in a volatile labor environment.

Chris Foreman

CEO at

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