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HubSpot Integration with Tendril

Customer Account

Using Tendril we have 3 options regarding integrations with HubSpot

• Superadmin - Requires the Superadmin Hubspot account to be configured in Tendril.

• Public app 

    a. Customer account

    b. Hubspot App Marketplace


The next section explains the step by step process to install Hubspot Integration with Tendril with a Superadmin HubSpot account.

Step 1: Log in to Tendril Connect

Log in to Tendril Connect using the credentials sent to your email using the following link.

You received an email from our team sharing your credentials.

Step 2: Go to Settings

On the left menu, click on Settings > Integrations

Step 3: Integrating Hubspot inside Tendril

a. Select Integrations on the left menu

b. Select HubSpot on the upper right corner

c. Click on the HubSpot Logo

Step 4: Sign in to your HubSpot account

Click on Sign in to your HubSpot account

Step 5: Sync your Tendril Account

Choose Tendril as the account you want to Sync.

If this CONNECTION section does not appear, go back to Tendril and do a hard refresh:

MAC: ⌘ [Cmd] and [⇧ Shift] and then press R

Windows: [Ctrl] and [⇧ Shift] and then press R

And click again on the HubSpot Logo

Now you can see all your HubSpot users!

You have now successfully integrated your HubSpot users with Tendril Connect

If you don't see users, and you are not able to click the HubSpot logo, do a hard refresh again. Click the HubSpot logo and you will now be able to see users.

Public app

The next section explains the step by step process to install HubSpot integration with Tendril on a HubSpot Customer Account.

Step 1: Create a Developer Account

In your app developer account, navigate to Apps in the main navigation bar.

In the upper right corner, click Build apps

Click Create a developer account

Select Create a developer account

Follow the next steps

Select continue with user

If you don't have a developer account,

click on Start Sign-up

Provide the following information

Job Role

Company Name

Step 2: Create an app

Once the developer account has been created, proceed to create an app by selecting "Build something for one account"

Click on "Create an app" button. 

Once the app is created, click Next in the following 3 prompts

Click Back to all apps

Click on My HubSpotApp

Select Skip for now

Select the App Info tab 

Include an app name and an app logo

Select Contact & Support 

Include your Company domain

Go Back to all apps 

Select not Not verified,

and click on Add a verified domain button

Select Skip for now

Create a record in your DNS settings

Select the Auth Tab

Scroll down and search for OAuth 

Expand Standard > check mark: oauth 

Open Scope > CRM Setting 

Check mark ✅ the following:

Open Scope > Settings 

Check mark ✅ the following:

Make sure you have the following selected scopes

Selected scopes

Step 3: Configure in Tendril App

Log in to Tendril Connect

Select Settings

This screen will appear since your organization has already been included and flagged with HubSpot integration

If you don't see this screen, please contact your Tendril Client Success Specialist

Go back to HubSpot, and copy the following information:

App ID

Client ID

Client Secret

Copy and paste in Tendril

App ID

Client ID

Client Secret

Click Save

1. Copy Redirect URL (OAuth) from Tendril

2. Paste in HubSpot Auth > Redirect URLs

Go back to Tendril and SAVE settings,

then click on the HubSpot Logo

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