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Customer Stories

Hear what our customers have to say and how they're accelerating their engagement with Tendril.

Fills a void in the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) industry; working with small/medium-sized companies that need guidance, nurturing and attention.  Their primary focus is Fast Food, Fast Casual, Staffing , Grocery, Hotel and In-Home Care.

LeadJen is a B2B sales lead generation company that helps corporate sales and marketing teams drive more revenue and better understand their market. Using a scientific approach, proven methodologies and market intelligence.

4mativ is a technology and service platform that enables a multi-modal approach to uncover efficiencies, optimize your modal mix and routes, cut costs, and respond to evolving needs. helps governments source, validate and procure technology goods and services.  They help save time, resources and cost for the government while de-risking decisions.  

Arnet Technologies is a managed IT service provider that offers round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance, cloud-based data backup and recovery plans, defense against destructive cyber attacks and consulting.

Arnet Technologies

Our customers trust Tendril as their sales acceleration platform.

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