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Tendril Sponsorship Supports Linc Worldwide's Efforts

Updated: Jun 22, 2023


Linc Worldwide (Linc) is an organization focused on improving the lives of underprivileged communities. They had been facing a hurdle in their fundraising efforts with most of their volunteers juggling full-time jobs. Finding sufficient time to reach out to companies and secure sponsorships for their events became increasingly challenging. Tendril partnered up with Linc Worldwide to support their efforts by donating Tendril Connect hours for them to use to call on potential sponsors and donors for upcoming events.

Tendril Connect is an agent-assisted dialing platform that enables efficient and streamlined communication with potential sponsors for events. Linc Worldwide is hosting a charity golf outing in June, along with a charity 5k race in August, to support their school and water project in Awasi, Kenya. Linc has been able to use Tendril Connect to accomplish what would typically take days' worth of calls within a single hour for these upcoming events.


Linc wasted no time in harnessing the power of Tendril Connect and initiated their first session by targeting local restaurants and fitness centers, two sectors known for their community involvement. The outcome exceeded expectations, with Linc Worldwide securing three generous contributions through their conversations.

Tendril's contribution to Linc Worldwide shows the power of collaboration, and highlights the impact that businesses can make when they join hands to support causes. Social responsibility is a valued part of Tendril, and partnerships between organizations like Linc play a crucial role in effecting positive change.



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