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Carmel, IN

11-50 Employees

B2B Sales Lead


Company Size


The opportunity

Data is always an issue, and when hiring LeadJen they expect high performance from their outsourced inside sales reps. Database vendors like ZoomInfo are a good progress or first step, but many times, for a particular or specific niche, additional research and scrubbing efforts need to take place in order to get quality data.

Tendril Solutions Hired

How did Tendril products help solve the problem?

Enrich data services helped LeadJen sales' team get quality data in order to increase both their connection rate with decision makers and convert to set demos/meetings faster. In addition, as many others, LeadJen has shifted to look for strategies to optimize their existing resources and look for cost effective options. Through HubMX staffing services they have been able to add resources to their team by identifying talent in Mexico.

Company Profile

About the company

LeadJen is a B2B sales lead generation company that helps corporate sales and marketing teams drive more revenue and better understand their market. Using a scientific approach, proven methodologies and market intelligence, LeadJen drives highly-qualified sales appointments for companies around the globe.

The Tendril team’s ability to help ensure our team is talking to the right people within an organization allows us to set better meetings faster for our clients.

Jen Burdess

VP of Client Success at LeadJen

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