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Why should EdTech companies partner with Tendril?

In today's evolving educational landscape, EdTech companies face numerous challenges when it comes to driving sales, increasing performance, and effectively engaging with the right audience. That's where Tendril comes in.

With Tendril’s product and services, teams can move faster and more effectively to drive sales, increase performance, and engage with the right people at the right time. Your sales reps should be selling, not wading through gatekeepers. Tendril gets your team talking with decision makers, faster.

The leaders have over 15 years of EdTech experience

​​The leaders at Tendril understand the unique challenges faced by EdTech companies. This understanding allows them to tailor their solutions specifically to the needs of EdTech.

Tendril Connect was proven for EdTech first

Tendril Connect, our flagship product, has been designed and proven for the EdTech industry. Through Connect, EdTech companies can have more conversations with their decision makers in less time.

Tendril has been a great partner. They do all the heavy lifting calling into schools to make my work easier and my days more effective and efficient. The team’s proactive nature ensures that nothing falls between the cracks without making me feel overwhelmed”. - Tim Barnes, Account Executive at Mr. Elmer

Live callers in the school’s time zone, and no robocalls or bots!

Tendril uses live callers, located in the same time zone as the targeted schools, to ensure conversations without resorting to robocalls or bots. EdTech companies can establish genuine connections with school leaders.

Get a school leader on the phone with your reps multiple times in an hour!

Time is of the essence, and rapid engagement significantly increases the likelihood of conversations, allowing EdTech companies to make the most of every opportunity.

Tendril helped our schools reach more of their families in a fraction of the time so we had better and more complete data to ensure a smooth start to the school year. - Carl Allen | CEO | 4mativ Technologies

Marketing leadership to optimize your team’s performance

Tendril provides expert marketing leadership to optimize your team's performance by refining outbound strategies, enhancing brand positioning, and achieving higher levels of marketing success.

Enhance your outbound strategy with services including data enrichment, coaching, and SDR/BDR resources

Partnering with Tendril unlocks a range of services that complement and enhance your outbound strategy.

Learn more about our solutions to support EdTech:

  • Connect: Gets you connected to decision makers faster

  • Enrich: We do the data mining, you get the gold

  • HubMX: A team ready to work with no work on your end

  • Coach: Discover your team's true potential

In a rapidly evolving EdTech landscape, partnering with Tendril is a smart move to simplify outreach strategies and connect with decision-makers faster. Embrace the power of Tendril to unlock your team’s full potential.


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